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Regulatory Changes - Retail Trader

Guest JinGin


Hi, since the regulatory changes last year trading margins have gone up, requiring bigger accounts...

Q. Anyone found an alternative, where you can continue trading as before (lower margins) e.g. from an Overseas jurisdiction (ie. another country) ?



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1 hour ago, Exhale_Trading said:

No need to look overseas, just outside the EU is enough. Switzerland would be an alternative for example.

Anyone using or have tried this? 

If so, any info on how you go about doing this will be very helpful.

(...Assumimg IG dont provide this service !!!!!)


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ThanQ All. 

 Exhale_T - Can you create an IG Swiss account and also keep your UK account ? 

What are the differences, one should be aware of before opening an IG Swiss account.

Any help appreciaterd.

(PS: Only considering IG Swiss to obtain better Margin Ratio's !!)

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A couple of 'issues' with IG Switzerland and IG Australia...

—Spread Betting is not available, only CFD trading is possible —which is not tax free.

—CFD contracts are priced in currencies other than GBP, so a conversion back to GBP may increase/decrease withdrawals. 

—The charts on IG have times locally set in Switzerland or Australia time —IG ought to allow adjustment of the timeline on charts to be set as any timezone.

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