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Charts Non Responsive For a Few Minutes

Guest Luke


Hi Guys,

I have noticed this week that the charts seems to be having a few issues updating constantly with IG, I wanted to know if this is a known issues or if anyone else is noticing this?

It is random and intermittent, but price will just freeze and not update, it might take 10 seconds to 1 minute to update, it will do this for up to 5 minutes then go back to normal.

Now to cover off some basic questions you will ask me, I mainly trade the DAX but it also happens on Gold and eurusd when I check them. I know the price is moving as I have accounts with other brokers and their pricing updates fine when the issue occurs with IG, this also rules out internet connection and any computer/CPU/Memory issues.

Any feedback on this would be great as it is becoming an annoyance.



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