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Bear Bull Historical Chart

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History of the US Bear Bull markets since 1926 (or why it always seems to take forever for a bear market to come along or why am I always losing money betting on the next bear market)


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@andysinclair, it is interesting isn't, the similarities in the % Total Return for each bull run caught my eye. 

I got it as a picture grab off twitter with no other doc but a google image search shows it has been used in a number of articles listed on this search page linked.


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That was very interesting. 

As I am have stated in many posts strong upward trends can last a lot longer than one thinks. Generally downward trends last a lot less, are more quicker and sharper. 

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That's right @TrendFollower, a long slow hard grind upward followed by a short sharp correction when it's considered the run has been over extended. A pattern which is repeated like a fractal in all the lower time frames, the market always overshoots, both in the bull phase and the bear phase.

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@Caseynotes, yes it does. 

We are seeing this in dramatic fashion right now. If you look at Natural Gas, Orange Juice and Lumber charts over the past couple of years then you will see the long move upwards and the sharp and quick correction downwards.

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