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    • Eager to dive into cryptocurrency trading? NakitCoins presents its advanced multi-crypto ATM, streamlining the process of buying and selling bitcoins with unparalleled efficiency. Focused on both security and precision, our platform provides a low-risk transaction environment through our robust monitoring systems.
    • Hi AshishIG, thanks for the quick response. Indeed, I don't see the CTC for 2024, I only see the 'Cost and Charges' document for download.
    • Hi, I have encountered a discrepancy between my theoretical PnL calculation and the PnL reported in my trade history. I would appreciate some assistance in understanding the difference. Here are the details of the trade: Currency Pair: USD/MXN Number of Contracts: 10 Contract Size: 100,000 USD Opening Price: 17.79107 Closing Price: 17.97692 Reported PnL: $10,283.10 Conversion Rate Used: 0.0553301262247 USD/MXN Theoretical PnL Calculation: Change in Price: 17.97692 - 17.79107 = 0.18585 MXN/USD PnL per Contract: 0.18585 * 100,000 = 18,585 MXN Total PnL in MXN: 18,585 * 10 = 185,850 MXN Converted PnL in USD: 185,850 / 17.97692 ≈ $10,338.2 Considering the theoretical PnL is approximately $10,338, I am trying to understand why the reported PnL is $10,283.10. I noticed that when I multiply the PnL in MXN by the conversion rate used, I find the reported PnL, . but I do not understand where this value comes from. Could you please help me clarify how the conversion rate of 0.0553301262247 USD/MXN was determined and why it differs from the typical market rates around the time of the trade? Thank you very much!
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