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Trying to transfer ISA out but no response



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Thanks for the replies. Essentially i'm looking to move my ISA account to another provider but keep my spreadbetting account with IG. The new provider has been trying to contact IG to get the valuation on my ISA account, but IG haven't replied and the new provider suggested i attempt to make contact.

I initially emailed IG about 3 days ago i didn't get a reply, so i took TrendFollowers advice and phoned customer services yesterday. The lady said the person who deals with this is away and suggested i send an email to the helpdesk. I told her i had done this already and then she said i needed to fill in am AML (Anti Money Laundering) form. I asked her "where do i get this form from?", and she didn't know and suggested again i send an email to the helpdesk.

The lady was pleasant enough but wasn't really able to help me.

So do i need to fill in an AML form as a private investor?

And where do i go from here?

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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@yogitree,  just a thought but have you filled out a transfer authorisation form provided to you by the firm you are transferring to?

I ask because to transfer assets into IG they provide a form for you to fill out which they then take to the company where the assests are to be transfered from.

In your case if IG haven't received a similar authorisation form from the new company they may be waiting.


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Thanks for all the replies. I'm sure i did fill in a similar form online on the Lloyds website when entering all the necessary data they needed.

I'll phone Lloyds on Monday and find out if there are any forms or data that they need from me etc.

Thanks for all of your help.

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Hi @yogitree,


AML checks are to verify the source of your funds, this is usually requested to clients that are relatively new. We sent an email a while ago where we explained the steps needed in order to do these checks, but we have not heard a reply from you regarding the documents requested, so we cannot proceed with the transfer.

In order to proceed, please reply to the email with the documents requested. If you cannot find the email, please contact our helpdesk again and they will be able to tell you the documents I need (i have left a note on your account specifying what we need from you).



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