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Versarien CEO interview


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We've had clients say 'its one of the best interviews available on Versarien' they've seen. What are your thoughts? A number of clients shared their questions with IG prior to the interview (outside of Community) which we've managed to put to the CEO so I thought I would post this here - as well as within MyIG.


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Guest Breconeer

It was certainly a good interview. Sensible questions; all of them producing good informative answers delivered at pace. The interviewer and the interviewee both did a good job. Very watchable.

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Jeremy has got Niall Ricketts back into the studio to talk about Versarien. 

Ricketts answers various questions: from how he deals with the negative feedback on some online chat rooms, to how the company is developing opportunities around the world. Ricketts confirms it is a slow process, but it is making all the right moves to build a global force within the advanced materials space.


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