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What does everyone do when it comes to placing a trade and the charts ain't running in correlation with each other... for example if im trading an fx pair i look at the chart before say D1 then come back to the H4 chart, but what do yous do when when the d1 is showing oversold/about to make its way up while the h4 charts about to make it's way down... normally with the h4 if the day charts moving up and the h4 is already up it'll stay up or have a slight drop and move back up and to make it more annoying it'll probably be a down trend so if you buy it's gonna be short lived..out of this you could say go long as the day charts moving up.. but I'm not really a day chart person and because of this i find myself stuck on a place to enter and if they're playing games like this i just end up sitting on the sidelines and not trading, what do yous do in this situation? 


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True @TrendFollower,  there are plenty of opportunities to trip up along the way which is why it takes such a long time to develop a working strategy. Though this might be controversial I have long believed there is a list of importance of things to learn and number one is entry signals. Finding an entry method where you are not routinely caught trapped is of the most importance. Only recently did I find someone who seems to agree when I saw this posted on twitter by Steve Burns.

" Trading education in the right order:

#1 Creating signals

#2 Risk management

#3 The right mindset

#4 System development

#5 Discipline

#6 Perseverance

#7 Financial independence

#8 Wealth creation  

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