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Planned interview with Jim Rogers

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Hey all - just to let you know that we have an interview planned with Jim Rogers on Monday and we want to make sure our clients have the opportunity to submit any questions they may have. You can do so by leaving your question as a comment below.

From Wikipedia "James Beeland Rogers Jr. is an American businessman and financial commentator based in Singapore. Rogers is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. He was the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management. He was also the creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI)." Source.

This time last year Rogers expected the next bear market to be the worst in his lifetime. Is that thought process still the same? Are there any timing expectations for this impending crash? Which markets should the average investor focus on and what bellwether indicators should we be looking at? Now's your chance to ask... 

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I see you mention "timing expectations" - good luck with that, he says he rarely gets timing right.

I have seen recent interviews and he does seem a little pessimistic - what would make him change his mind to optimistic ?

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The question is not which markets should the average investor focus on but which markets should the very best investors who want to make the highest returns focus on?

My personal opinion is that for those who are serious about long term wealth creation then from a risk / reward perspective one should seriously consider Frontier Markets and Emerging Markets on any deep corrections and selling pressure. I think both Frontier and Emerging Markets will outperform other markets over the longer term. 

I personally like the theme of Automation, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and think this could see some stellar returns over the longer term. I think Blockchain and Tokenisation will be themes that emerge and Cryptocurrencies as an asset class will grow stronger and more resilient over the coming decade.

It would be interesting if Jim Rogers agrees with me or not. If he does not then I would like to know why not? I would like to know the specific reasons why he does not agree with me. 

Also I would like to know what in Jim Rogers opinion will outperform over the longer term the assets and themes I have mentioned and more specifically why?

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First of all, thank you very much for sharing this. I just watched it. 

So Jim Rodgers thinks North Korea will be one of the best investments. I am not sure how I can get exposure? He does not articulate why he thinks North Korea will be one of the best investments. There are no specifics. It is all very vague.  

He mentions China. I have invested in a China Fund for many years. He mentions Russia. I have invested in a Russia Fund for many years. I think India (it surprises me that he does not mention India) will be a great long term investment. 

I agree with him on Gold. Generally and historically when the US dollar gets stronger and goes up then Gold tends to get weaker and go down. Not always of course as there have been times when both have gone up and when they have then Gold has been spectacular but I understand his thinking. 

It is interesting that he is on the look out for Blockchain companies that he thinks will be good investments. Most of the older generation (expert / experienced investors) are negative towards Cryptocurrencies. It is something they have never experienced and therefore cannot vision a future of digital currencies. Time will tell. 

I would have liked him to talk more about Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets but his take on Agricultural Commodities was interesting. I trade Commodities but also invest in an Agricultural Commodity fund and have for many years as I too share his view on how they could be an excellent long term investment theme. 

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    • This week is a crucial week for US indices I think especially end of the week. If we are going to see extreme Dow soon, the market will let us know.  The volatility is expected to pick up so money can probably be made in both directions with 1000+ points move again. I personally would not go long for a couple days. There are positions trapped right now going long from last week so I would guess some will be forced to endure some pain, unless they volunteer to take losses.
    • If it moves below $5k to maybe $4k again, it doesn't look like there is a great deal of support. Sure it can double in a short span of time but don't you think this is a very risky trade?
    • as explained earlier in the thread the cumulative risk reward ratio (auto calc'd on a spread sheet) plotted on the chart with the win rate is absolutely fool proof in revealing if a strategy is profitable of not. Also if you make any changes to the strategy the result will show up quickly in the stats so revealing whether the change was advantageous or not. Without hard statistics people have a habit of misleading themselves as to how well they and their strategy are really doing.