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Oh snap! It seems like the remote file you are searching for is unavailable.
Don't worry! There are some similar files below

Bummer.  The 'Reminiscences' one is one of the 'classics' that I don't have yet.  Apparently it wasn't written by Jesse Livermore, and when you search Amazon for it you get a bewildering array of results from different authors.

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18 hours ago, dmedin said:

There's only one step for that to be even remotely possible.

Step one: get hired by Goldman Sachs or some other big firm.

The book is a recognised trading classic and a must have/read for any trader. It covers just about everything and in a language even retail traders can understand 🙄. I haven't read it for a while but remember his explanation on contract creation, exchange and deletion and the different affects on open interest and so exactly what rising and falling OI signifies was clear and very useful.

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    • Just refund the money which happened during the issue. I already making profits and after several second it is gone and give me seriously losses.
    • Weasel words.   What was the problem? What commitment and actions will you be taking to make sure it never happens again.? How will we know And please stop rubbing salt into our wounds with the use of that glib word: inconvenience!! Many of us lost money. That's not an inconvenience. It's a financial loss! What if anything will you do about this?  
    • Hey,  We're sorry we had an issue with client logins but as soon as it was detected we had a team working on getting it back up.  It's not in our interest or benefit for clients to lose money.  Apologies again for the inconvenience. 
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