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We Platform very Laggy or Unresponsive. Chrome.



Hi, i've been using your platform for about a month now.  I have a very powerful PC for editing 4k video.  I'm running windows 64bit on an SSd with 16gb DDR5 ram and a GTX750 graphics card.  Most of the time the cannot move the charts around inside the chart window.  I'm using Chrome browser.

Is there something I can do to fix this issue.?  thanks

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Hi, thanks for getting back.  I don't actually know I'm using :(

I've accidentally closed 2 deals today due to the lag.  How do i find out what i'm using?  and with that, what should I be using?

I've downloaded Pro RealTime today, but not worked thru the manual yet.

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No, I literally have nothing running except this page and the platform now.  with 16gb Ram i only have 3gb spare.  So Operating system, the platform and this page is eating 13gb!  I'm going to close the platform now.....
This 1 page is using over 1GB!



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See pic resource monitor below, I've got 2 platforms running, web based and mt4, with about 30 charts open plus tweetdeck running and extras, anti virus etc, with 16 gb mem and only using 35%.

You sure someones not using your computer to mine bitcoin (joke, hey the emojis have disappeared)



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Thanks Casey, it was either Chrome and it's Cache Level or Firefox.  Broken image placements in Firefox too so switched to Chrome.  It's still not great after a system restart but it is better.  I failed to mention I have a 43" 4k Tv too as a monitor which may be creating a problem with refresh etc.


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