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Investing in Frontier Markets by TrendFollower

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I thought I would start a thread on investing in Frontier Markets. This is an area that I invest in and have been for many years. It is extremely high risk but at the same time there are significant returns that have been achieved and could still be achieved going forwards in the the future. The potential is huge. 

Let me start by defining which countries actually make up the Frontier Markets. There are 29 countries that are recognised by the MSCI and they are:

  • Argentina
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Burkina Faso
  • Benin
  • Croatia
  • Estonia
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Ivory Coast
  • Jordan
  • Kenya
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Lithuania
  • Kazakhstan
  • Mauritius
  • Mali
  • Morocco
  • Niger
  • Nigeria
  • Oman
  • Romania
  • Serbia
  • Senegal
  • Slovenia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Togo
  • Tunisia
  • Vietnam

Now to most normal investors there will not be investment funds available for to invest in majority of the countries on an individual basis. Yes there may be a Vietnam fund but generally one will have to invest in either a Frontier Market investment fund like an OEIC / Unit Trust, Frontier Market Investment Trust or a Frontier Market ETF. 

A lot of investors who have the risk tolerance and higher risk threshold ignore Frontier Markets. 

Vietnam for example is being touted by the World Bank to be one of Asia's fastest growing economies in 2019. They are suggesting a 6.6% Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rate forecast. There are rumours that Vietnam is being considered for Emerging Market status. Frontier Markets have the potential to become tomorrow's Emerging Markets such as Brazil, Russia, India and China. 

Investing in Frontier Markets also offers your portfolio some serious diversification. 

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For those interested we have the iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF on the platform which is the largest Frontier Markets ETF with over $500m in assets. You can find this under the following title...

iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF_20190408_10.33.png


If you would like any other asset on the dealing platform, please feel free to make a request on Community, or on this post specifically if the asset relates to FMs. 

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Many thanks for this. 

I just had a quick search using the keyword 'Frontier' and found the following available on IG's UK Spread Betting platform.

Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Co Ltd

Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust PLC

BlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust PLC

iShares MSCI Frontier 100 ETF


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Posted (edited)

Something to bear in mind for Frontier Markets investing is that they are not developed markets and nor are they emerging markets. They are very high risk and this must be taken into consideration from a risk/reward perspective. For me the strongest case for going long on Frontier Markets is based on their potential for future growth.

If one does not believe in the potential future growth of Frontier Markets then I would strongly suggest staying well away from investing in them. Those that do and have a very long term view then they may want to consider allocating a small proportion into their investment portfolios. 

To me Frontier Markets now are where Emerging Markets were over 20 years ago or possibly even longer. 

Some of the Frontier Market investment funds such as OEICS and Unit Trusts that you may wish to consider are:

Templeton Frontier Markets Fund

Barings ASEAN Frontiers Fund

Barings Frontier Markets Fund

Schroders ISF Frontier Markets Fund

@JamesIG, not sure if IG offers these funds within the Shares account / ISA's?

Edited by TrendFollower

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Unfortunately not. We are unable to offer  Fund of this nature. 

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I would be interested in seeing what the performance returns are like when conducting a 'compare and contrast' exercise in relation to all Frontier Market investment funds, trusts, ETF's, etc.

I do not know whether this could be included in the next Frontier Market analysis piece that any IG Analyst posts going forwards?

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Saw this go through this morning, a bullish chart pattern setting up for ishares MSCI Frontier 100 Index etf (fm).


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Those who are interested in investment in Frontier Markets may find the information below useful. 



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If you look at the chart a couple of weeks ago and now look at today's 'daily' chart then you can see that some positive price action and trend forming.


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I just thought some of you may be interested in the following fairly recent articles in relation to Frontier Markets. 

Hidden gems: Exploring frontier markets


Top Emerging Bond Manager Sees Payoff in Frontier Markets



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I just thought I would take this opportunity to share the following articles which are nicely related to this thread. 

Emerging markets of the future - exploring new frontiers


Frontier Stocks Look Inexpensive, Could Get Some Help From Fed


Investing in Frontier Markets in my personal opinion should be a long term investing strategy for those with a higher risk tolerance. I would not recommend or suggest investing in Frontier Markets for those who do not take the time in researching this niche market. 

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    • @Mercury, I see you have started to look at Coffee. Excellent. If you look at both Arabica and London (Robusta) then one could argue that we are witnessing oversold conditions especially if you look at longer term timeframes like the 'Monthly' and potentially the 'Weekly'.  For me it is about identifying potential breakouts. We may see that in the days and weeks to come but right now at this moment in time both on the 'daily' are trading below 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA's so it is still bearish for me. It is one I am monitoring closely.  Commodities can offer some excellent trading opportunities and produce some of the strongest trends. I do not use or apply EWT but if you can use it to effectively increase your chances of success which leads to a greater chance of profiting then all the best. 👍
    • I was watching a TV series called "This Giant Beast That is the Global Economy " starring and narrated by Kal Penn, actor in "House" and speech writer with Obama.  It doesn't really cover any new concepts, although there were a few interesting observation in their, like what the most important commodity in the global economy is... (I wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to but it was not that obvious and is blindingly obvious in retrospect). One thing that did pop out that I though was relevant for the forum was that the price of coffee is way too low for farmers to make money.  The logical conclusion of this is that they will farm something else and supply will be curtailed and then prices will go up, the basic perpetual cycle of supply and demand change.  This very basic fundamentals proposition motivated me to look at coffee on the charts to see if there was a building opportunity and I think there may be.  I will preface my analytical assessment with the statement that I know very little about the coffee industry other than how to select a great bean type as a consumer and make a great flat white. If I look at the long term charts (Quarterly/Monthly) I see that coffee trades in a large range from about 4000 to 34000 at the extremes (or $0.40 - $3.40 per US pound if you prefer).  This seems to represent the classic economics supply and demand curve in candle pricing form.  With the available data we can see a set of cycles between the market top and bottom zones that in the main run fairly directly between the zones.  At this point my thesis would be that if you catch the market right at either extreme you can hold until price reaches the opposite end of the range (net 30,000 points or so).  For best results you want a straight run rather than one with large reversals. If I apply EWT to the chart I see a series of 1-5s and A-B-C, although this is arguably less relevant than for markets that do not operate between such obvious ranges as the key is obviously to look at trading when the market enters, or more correctly, then exits the range extremes zones.  Still it is interesting to see that the run up in the mid 70s was a motive 1-5 that still marks the high point in price.  After that I see a series of massive A-B-Cs culminating in a slightly lower high extreme price in the late 1990s than that printed in the 70s (still went into the market top zone though). This high then produced a 1-5 down to the lowers price on the chart around 2002.  The next move up to 2011 could be either an A-B-C or a 1-5 and the current move looks decidedly like an A-B-C.  If the 2011 move is an A-B-C and the current move is also an A-B-C then I would expect the current move to be a larger wave B that ends higher than the previous low and spawns a massive rally that ends higher than the previous high and is a 1-5 that goes pretty much straight up.  Either way the current move is and A-B-C so will end higher than the previous low and as most of the bear moves end inside the market bottom zone I can reasonable conclude that this move will end somewhere between 4200 - 8000. Let's look at a shorter term charts to see if we can refine this.  I have 2 weekly charts attached, the first of which shows the bearish move down from 2011 and the second of which zooms in on the final wave C of C.  In the first chart I can see a clear A-B-C structure to all 3 of the larger A-B-C wave form of the bearish move.  This confirms an A-B-C and not a 1-5 and also confirms that the market is in a final wave C of C, which will spawn that Bull market.  I also have a nice upper resistance trend line and 2 possible lower lines (both may be valid) with a lot of good current (green circle) and prior pivot (purple circle) touches. If we look at the second weekly chart the wave C of the larger wave C (from the wave B pink) is cutting a clean 1-5 pattern and looks to have just completed the 3-4 part of this.  The rally to wave 4 (blue) is in a-b-c, which you would expect of a retrace so the next bearish phase should be a final wave 5 that will mark the end of the overall bear market.  I would be looking for price to hit one of the lower channel lines but inside or on the 8000 level ideally.  Note all previous moves that did not make it to the extremes zone were not wave Cs (As or Bs) and all the 5 did.  So the conclusion to this is that all wave Cs or motives 1-5s penetrate the extremes zones of the range but As and Bs tend not to.  Also 1-5 waves tend to run hard and fast and make more extreme price tops.  The current move looks line a Wave C that would spawn a 1-5. Finally looking at the daily chart the current bearish phase looks to have put in a 1-2 (green) of that final 1-5 I am looking for.  I will be tracking this for the 3-4-5 and other signals to see if I can spot the turn.  As and when price breaks out of the upper weekly trend line resistance I think a strong bull market will be in play that could be a motive 1-5 that makes it into the extreme market top zone.  In all of the bull turns through there has been a strong short term retrace so the best strategy might be to let the turn happen and spot the initial retrace turn.  In these agri type commodities getting in on such a range extremes turn has to be the way to play it.  I will be tracking this one with interest for a while but it will require some time still to mature I think. 
    • I last posts around 2-3 weeks ago on this thread and I have seen Litecoin go down towards the lower $70's. It is currently trading at $76-77 at the time of writing this post.  Litecoin's chart looks pretty ugly. It is currently trading below its 20, 50, 100 and 200 DMA's which is very bearish.  Only really Bitcoin (significantly) and Bitcoin Cash are trading above their 200 DMA's on the 'daily.  Litecoin will need some very bullish news or a big move from Altcoins / Bitcoin otherwise it could easily fall down into the 60's.  After the halving event, it seems, Litecoin has been heavily sold. This capital may now shift to Bitcoin. That is my suspicion and assumption and the price action will confirm this. I will be interested to see if the divergence between Bitcoin and Litecoin increases.