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Enhancements to alerts - Prorealtime

Guest Stef

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Hi All,


Alerts are a great way of being notified of something that has happened/is happening. It just doesn't mean much if you cannot remember why you set the alert in the first place.


It would be great if, when you create an alert, it recorded the date and time stamp, and allowed you to enter some notes that then gets displayed when the alert is triggered - for instance, why this event is important, what to do, etc, etc.


Some additional enhancements:

- Run once - if you set an alert to trigger when the price crosses a specific level as an example, you would not want to necessarily be alerted about this every few seconds, as the price keeps crossing over and under this level - the pricing crossing a level is not as important as the price "sticking" above/below a certain level. Currently, you have to keep dismissing the event - if you do not want to delete it.


- Snooze - same as above, or in addition to the above - the ability to "snooze" the alert for x number of minutes so that you are not constantly being notified about the same event occuring.

- Validity period - for example: "today only" - only fire the event today. If the event does not occur today, then delete it as I am no longer interested in this. Currently you have to manually delete events.


- Run at a specified time. Currently, if you set an alert on a daily chart to fire "on current bar close," it will fire at midnight - not much sense in that! If the market that I am trading closes at 5pm, I might want to check conditions being met for openind and/or closing positions at 4:45pm. Or in the morning, before or after the market auction. Either way, by being able to specify a specific time, it would solve both issues.


Anyone else agrees? Anything I've left out?



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Hi Sferreir,


Thanks for sharing your idea! 


We are always grateful for any and all feedback as we use this to help drive platform innovation. Given how important it is for many traders to be kept informed of the latest market moves and opportunities I will be sure to pass this on to the team at Pro Real Time. 


The idea and concept of having specific alert conditions would appeal to many styles of trading, from those that are looking for long term opportunities to those that are look to scalp a level on a market close and so this does have great value.


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and if there is anything else I can do then please let me know.

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Something else that I would like to see for PRT is Email/SMS alerts.


Not just for "normal" alerts that you set up, but also for ProScreeners.




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Hey Stef,


At present we don't provide any client contact details to ProRealTime, which is why these features aren't available. We'll pass your feedback onto the ProRealTime team though.



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Hi Dan,


This can be done without the need for any integration and/or sharing of client information.


All that is needed in PRT is a place where the user can specify his/her email address. They can then handle the alerting from their side. They already provide SMS alerting from their side (not available to IG customers). Come to think of it, without any additional work, why can this not be made available to IG clients? If cost, then please ask them to add the email alerting functionality.




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Guest Michaeljk500

Is this being progressed at all? I've been after this For some time. As Stef mentions the only gap is there is no place for he user to input their own details in the pro realtime version supplied through IG. SMS alerting is an additional cost for direct pro realtime users, but I'm sure many would be happy to by blocks of SMS through IG/PRT

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