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Hit stop loss but not reached it on chart

Guest Nile


Hello trading Hive mind

i have a trade that has hit a stop loss but on the chart the market did not reach that level at that time, I can only imagine that this is something to with the spread being included at this point , but this is confusing as I would like to think a stop level is where you actually set it or perhaps beyond if a market stop loss. 

‘Any help much appreciated 

Nile 6E54EC28-B7F2-4D66-8D7F-7861BE9D5A6C.thumb.png.a89f3846a452b39ae1dfa349c8cfd048.png643C3E25-6641-446D-B794-3FDCD8FAEC3F.thumb.png.89e2fa26ecf8e2501621689d18fc9141.png6837B4DB-E7BB-4584-AF65-0452528306B7.thumb.png.38b9667b6d3c79127767ed1cdb6eb448.png

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Hi @Nile,  you are correct it was the spread. Your chart was set to register the mid price but you neither buy nor sell the mid price.

To enter your short you needed to hit the sell button which shows the bid price and to get out of your short the ask price needed to be hit. 

On the platform you can switch between ask and mid you can see that 285.52 was hit while the mid price registered 284.30.

See pics below.



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