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automatic commisions shown on the buy/sell

Guest bigD83

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Guest bigD83

It would be great if you could add the potential commission charges to the buy/sell section when opening a position

this makes it easier for people to calculate the take profit and stop loss so they can account for any commissions/fees

currently having to do it manually takes time which is ok when swing trading but due to the volatility when day trading it can be tricky

im currently using the demo account and have closed positions in profit only to find a loss after commisions...this could easily be avoided with the addition of the showing of any potential commisions when opening the position.

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Guest aldaking

I would like to know the three things are below
how much maximum leverage uk customer can have?,  details information about zero spread account, and details of commissions and charges . if anyone can give me the answer to the three questions, I will be very appreciated.


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