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Howdy folks! Can someone with a bit more experience than me please tell me if the easter period is always like this? 

The markets seem slow and I can't read any of my indicators correctly. I mainly trade with GBP, so is it the current break from Brexit in the news that makes it feel so sloooow? Some bad reports in the Eurozone this week didn't have any major affects on the EUR. 😕

I'm reluctant to trade at all for the rest of this week. What about next week, after Easter Monday?

Happy Easter! 🐣

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@eloronz,  you are correct that up coming public holidays can affect volatility as there can be reluctance to open large positions just ahead of them. Easter is a two day break for most of Europe so additionally so but not a holiday in the US so you may see markets pick up on the US open. 

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As markets get quieter over periods such as Easter, the liquidity dries up (buy and sell orders at different price points). This can cause opportunity for significant volatility so keep an eye our and be mindful. Can also mean that many 'models' don't work so well so indicators etc should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still opportunity to trade out there ... just not as normal conditions.

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Thanks, @cryptotrader. Yes, the EUR dropped suddenly a day or two ago but came back strong -- surprisingly to me considering the negative ECB reports. Confused, but I hadn't taken Easter into account.

Another lesson learnt. 😂

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