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USDCAD short drop before a mega rally?

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I really enjoy your charts.  Do you find EWT helps you to predict the next swing?  I have to admit that I find all the nested As and Bs quite bewildering.  (But that's a limitation of my brain...)

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@dmedin I use EWT on long term charts to identify where we are (or may be) on a cycle and what is left on the journey (up or down) in terms of waves.  I use it on shorter term charts to zoom in on smaller waves within waves, which follow the same basic logic as the large scale patterns.  I do not use it to pin point a turn or to trigger a trade but having a valid EWT label structure is part of the support indicators I require in order to place a trade.  I also use it to manage my trades in flight by seeking to understand the likely patterns unfolding and either pyramiding or closing accordingly.

The As & Bs I think you may be referring to are those on my USDCAD Daily chart from previous post.  While the basic EWT pattern is 1-5 motive wave followed by A-B-C retrace and so on until there is a long term change in direction whereupon the pattern form reverses direction, the A-B-C retrace can follow multiple internal pattern structures.  In addition, while Wave As and Wave Cs generally tend to follow a 1-5 structure the Wave B has no such generality, often exhibiting a lot of whipsaw action thus making it the most difficult wave to trade.  This becomes even trickier in a so-called complex retrace, which is what I believe we have on USDCAD just now, in that all 3 waves can follow an internal A-B-C structure, rather than a 1-5.  Wave C could be either.  In this case I currently believe the Wave C is a 1-5, of which the 1-2 is posted.  Wave A was an A-B-C and Wave B a complex A-B-C of its own.

You can see all of this on the charts below.  Currently I am looking for another retrace rally but this could be either in play or will occur after another leg down, perhaps to the Daily Fib 38%.  Either way a retest of the Weekly channel line (purple) breakout or the line itself is my ideal scenario before another strong leg down.  Naturally, at this point I do not know how far down it will go but I have some likely points marked up already and will decide on that as the price action unfolds.  In order for me to decide a turn back into a rally phase is on the cards many factors will have to come together, including a credible EWT labeling for a retrace pattern.



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So USD has finally broken to the Bearish side and most USD pairs are trending accordingly but how far can this go and what happens next?  To make the most of a move I seek to identify the scenarios that may play out and for USD I see a period of Bearishness, several months perhaps, as stocks and bonds play out.  At present I am not convinced stocks have much more to go, maybe 3050-60 on S&P 500.  I am also not sure precious metals have broken out yet, although they could be driven up from here by USD weakness but there is bit to go yet before I would jump back on.  I am also a bit concerned about Oil bearishness as there is a bullish scenario too so not keen to add to my Shorts there yet.  So that leaves USD pairs and I am Long EUR and GBP, also a bit of AUD and Short USDCAD.  But I want to put my bets on the best medium term (these are all retrace counter trend moves rather than long term motives) return markets and for me that is GBP and CAD.  I see both of these markets as in wave C where as EURUSD is only in a wave A and doesn't have as much upside.

But let me look at the potential scenarios for USDCAD medium term.  Short term things are still as per my previous post (looking for and end to the short term rally to get short.

Longer term (monthly chart) I see the following technicals:

  • Market bottomed out with a 1-5 wave in 2008 then put in 1-2 (or A-B) between 2009 and 2011 and ran up to the 2015 high in a 1-5 leading us into the current move.
  • This move looks like a Pennant consolidation to me that broke out in 2018 on USD strength but didn't storm away and now it is in retrace.
  • A bearish period could result in either a retest of the Pennant breakout zone or the Pennant line.

Looking at the Weekly chart for a bit more detail:

  • There was strong PMD at Pink C, the likely end of the consolidation and Pennant
  • Then a run up in a channel in a 1-5 form to a likely wave 1 (Blue), however it isn't a clear 1-5 and could be seen as an A-B-C as well so no help there.
  • But the A-B (Green) was clear, especially on the Daily with a NMD) so we are now due a sharp 1-5 wave C (or maybe a more complex move but that's in the future).
  • We have a breakout of the channel line, maybe we will see a retest before this market really gets Bearish.
  • Bottom line is Bearish but 2 scenarios:
    1. Retest of the breakout zone (Fib 62%) on the recent rally before the market turns massively Bullish
    2. Retest of the Monthly chart Pennant line at the Fib 62% of the Monthly chart top before the market turns massively Bullish.

To decide we will have to await price action and watch USD but if other pairs are not going to run as strong what could make CAD run harder and further?  Well Oil bullishness could, so I am a bit concerned about where Oil might be going...



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Possible next support line and consolidation Triangle breakout occurring.  Only watch outs are that price is on the Fib 38%, a possible retrace rally point and there are a couple of important support lines in close proximity.  If price gets through these though there isn't much left to hold it up short of the 12,800 mark.  If USD confirms a current resistance turn and Oil continues its upward trajectory there is nothing to stop CAD moving further and fast against the USD.


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I have referenced USDCAD in a few of my recent posts so just to complete the picture on this thread.  I am not convinced this market has put in a sufficient 1-2 retrace, the EWT count favours another deeper retrace in my opinion. Price action at the end of the week suggests a wave 1 (light blue) turn with a pin bar on the daily and PMD on the 4 hour and 1 hour charts.

If USD (DX) does go another leg up, as suggested in my DX thread is possible, and Oil does go down for a while, as suggested in mt Brent Crude thread, then the two main forces (other than the Canadian economy and central bank policy itself) would be Bearish on CAD.  Hence I expect this pair to rally for a deeper retrace rally before resuming its Bearish medium term course.


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On 20/06/2019 at 04:04, Mercury said:

Similar to other USD pairs (and DX) this pair has retraced back to the Daily Channel line to put in a failed retest and drop away.  The rebound has been particularly fast on this market though, which could offer a leading indicator for others.  A break of the near term support will be compelling.


What's the news of gold sir ????


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Boring day for trading, just as well I have other things to occupy me, would hate to be siting in front of the screen all day today...  Just got an alert on USDCAD though and checked my charts to find that this pair have just poked through a significant support level.  Could be a breakout of consolidation here for a run lower.  Always a risk that this poke signals the end of the current move and a larger retrace so care is needed but one to watch and consider for a Short.


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So that poke through was a wave end and promptly rebounded, although not with conviction in my opinion.  There is PMD on the turn and several scenarios present, including a complete reversal but I will not cover that just now as it is more dependent on what USD overall does.  Assuming USD does stop and go Bearish again (if not all bets are off, literally) then for this pair it is a matter of when a related turn back bearish occurs.  There are several candidate turning zones to watch as well as watching USD overall.


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USDCAD well on its way to completing the indicated A-B-C retrace, where it will complete remains to be seen but for now looks like we are in for a bit of a rally.


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    • two equal channels. Big down move today, I'm not short ( I don't short oil ) but would like to see price fall to $55.00
    • Thanks so much for the explanation, I better start flicking between settings. 🍻
    • Hi, to open a long trade you buy the ask price and to close that long trade you sell at the bid price, the mid is just a reference between the two, the difference between the two is the brokers markup. You are best to have the chart set to mid but be aware it won't show exactly where the in/out of the trade was activated. Tick volume shows the number of orders processed but not the size of each, the online platform shows actual volume as taken from the exchange if there is one, FX must use tick volume as there is no central exchange. A tick chart just shows orders as they are matched and the resulting price change.