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Bitcoin halving event

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2 minutes ago, cryptotrader said:

i don't get it. 

How is there any basis in that price action? 

That's what made me laugh in the first place but the first 40 days is a tight fit, god knows why he thought of doing it at all, it must be some weird new cult TA technique that when adopted by the many will become a self fulfilling prophesy (like most of the others), don't forget you saw it here first 😉 

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Hi all - just a note that we've created a specific bitcoin halving events page which you can see here. This will likely be more for clients who are new to trading bitcoin with IG, or are newly interested in the bitcoin halving event which is likely to take place in May 2020. 

To make sure we've not been left out we have our own BTC log scale showing the cryptocurrency price over the last couple of halving events. ;) Over the next 18 months or so we will be putting out a number of interviews, videos, podcasts, and content pieces which may be more relevant to those on Community. I'll make sure to update you all.


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23 minutes ago, ha05230 said:

What is the spread on Bitcoin? On my spread betting it’s 50, but looking at the other topic (crypto 10) and from forum replies it’s supposed to be lower. Why is there a discrepancy?


hey - spread (in the same way as for FX, futures and shares) are variable based on the underlying liquidity and any market volatility. At the moment I can see that BTC is 50, however earlier today it was 38. 

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9 minutes ago, FFS_Daytrader said:

Trading channel is too wide to work out accurate support and resistance level- is the bounce short covering? 10000 seems to be critical.

I think there was a lot of short covering as the move lost momentum in the 3 hourly candles after the pump down candle and the bears may try to have another go around here 10280.



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2 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

I think there was a lot of short covering as the move lost momentum in the 3 hourly candles after the pump down candle and the bears may try to have another go around here 10280.



BTC retesting the recent low, now at 9760.

H1 chart;


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17 minutes ago, TheGuru12 said:



People are clinging to hope, Whilst others are fighting to get to the exit. It's stuff like this that makes life exciting 😄 

Need I say any more...10000 level is as important as Back to the Future 1955 time continuum (all roads lead back there!)

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On 06/05/2019 at 13:54, Caseynotes said:

This is an interesting log scale (2 weekly) chart published end of Jan 19 on bitcoin price in relation to halving dates. Current 1 week chart below that.





Just to update that Log scale weekly chart from the Original Post of the thread.

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