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The cannabis index

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still short?

CBD oil is apparently very good for joint pain, anxiety.  But a single bottle is almost $100 I think. Said to be good for insomnia too.  And they have 'vape' like products for cannabis. Lots

I like the idea of having a cannabis index.  So I had a look at the chart and found a gigantic green candlestick hanging in mid-air thousands of points above all the other days' prices.   Does anyone

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14 hours ago, dmedin said:

Wonder where this will go 🤔  You see I cashed out already.  But I'm ready to go back in when the time is right, Matilda.  :)

at the first sign of resistance, buy and hold not as easy as it sounds then? 🧐

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So I bid adieu to the cannabis index, it looks like it will be moving sideways for a long time now.  I really missed out on a chance to short it but who is enthusiastic to break into a new index tracker by short-selling it?  Vast majority of people are buyers in an exciting new market and want the price to rise.  And they all got sh@fted.  And so did I.

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10 hours ago, albertc30 said:

I've gone long at 448.84 and already down by 215.5 pips. What on earth have I done?

Stop the bleeding or hold? Daily interests aren't bad.

The real question is hold for how long?

Darn it.


I think it's better to buy and hold via a cannabis ETF or something like that because you won't get charged interest for holding a long position.  As a SB/CFD it's a non-starter.

Cannabis will come back at some point.  If there's one thing the world needs ... it's to learn to chill out and relax ... :P

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Interesting goings-on, very high spike in volume (if IG's volume reporting is to be believed) and a gap higher.

It's been rumoured that cannabis can prevent Covid 😻


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Description: The ancient Israelites may have used cannabis to get high as part of their religious ritual, according to Israeli researchers who found residue of the drug at a nearly 3,000-year-old shrine. Emer McCarthy reports. Short Link: https://refini.tv/36X0WNJ Video Transcript


lol that ain't God talking to you Moses :P


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