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Not getting emails from IG, can't log in?

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Guest Jamie

Hi, I'm Jamie and I am new to the whole trading scene. I opened up an account with IG quite recently in order to practise day trading on a demo account. It was all going fine until I stayed logged out for about 2 weeks. I went to log back in today and it won't let me in, saying that I need to  complete the activation of the account and that they've sent me an email describing how to do so. But I haven't ever gotten an email from IG. To check this I requested a password reset, and that didn't get sent either so now I'm just fully locked out my account. What do I do?

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Hey - unfortunately I can't see any information as you've posted as a 'Guest'. Can you please give us a call and say you're locked out of your Demo and someone will be able to assist. You can either do that or get in contact via LiveChat (at IG.com). 

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