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7 minutes ago, Guest rare earth said:

can't see it to trade but found REMX which is American etf and news stories on it https://www.etftrends.com/tactical-allocation-channel/remx-etf-betting-big-rare-earth-strategic-metals/

Lynas Corp LTD mentioned in the article are an Australian company and are on the spread betting platform at least;




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Added to this thread also;

HumanProgress.org @HumanProgress

"The Chinese government is threatening to cease exports of "rare earths" to the United States. Should Americans be worried? Far from it. The last Chinese "rare earths" embargo was a total dud. Read about the increasing abundance of "rare earths" here:"


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    • yes they will be on less charts but I understand your point about the size of the moves in ftse, no harm in trialing them though you might find marking out the immediate prior high and low has more relevance.  
    • Yeah, I keep an eye on volume, that's why it's showing at the bottom of my chart However, I haven't been able to discover a strong relation between volume spikes and trend direction. Sometimes I see orders of the magnitude of 10-20k and the chart doesn't do anything special. Other times you see just average volume and the chart does huge turnarounds. For example what happened at 8.30 with that spike down and then going straight back up and making new highs vs previous candle? All happened on low volume
    • @jameswalker1 my recommendation is trade the demo account to get a better understanding of the costs associated. I traded demo for nearly 2 years before placing my first real trade. It will save you in the long run to get a better understanding of the costs involved.