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Trending Corn by TrendFollower

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Some of you will have noticed and be taking full advantage of the breakout seen in Corn. 


I have stated on many occasions that some of the strongest trending assets tend to be Commodities. This is why a lot of 'Trend Following' traders would trade Commodities as these trends would be strong, would last a long time and they could ride the trend and achieve more profit using leverage than another asset during the same time period. 

I am going to share an article which explains the price action.

Midwest flooding is drowning corn and soy crops. Is climate change to blame?


Now some of you will know that I like to make assumptions and then test them via my trading. Now for me there are serious production risks as a result of the weather and harvest conditions and this for me provides the potential for further upside. So there is a strong upward bias in the price action for Corn. For me successful trend trading is all about trading with the trend and not against it. It is about increase your odds and probability of a successful and profitable trade. Those who are 'Long' Corn will appreciate that this trend may still have a way to go and one must keep hold of their winners and let them run and not exit too early. Now this is from a trend following perspective. I appreciate other traders will just think a profit is a profit and one should take their profits and exit. That is fine and there is nothing wrong with that. For those who follow 'Trend Following' principles it takes a lot of practice and experience not to take profits too early and to let their winners run until the trend change is confirmed. 

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