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I think the time has come for IG to really be proactive and offer its clients the ability to trade the token / Crypto - IOTA. 

Below is the link to its website which will give you more information:


Below is the link highlighting its current market cap. 


It has has a market cap of $1.2 billion and is in the top 15. If you go back a year or two then I suggested offering this Crypto to trade but IG always seems to be behind the game on this. NEO which IG does offer is at number 18 currently with a market cap of $819 million. Now I appreciate that these market cap valuations can fluctuate due to price movements and this is only normal but surely IG needs to seriously consider offering not only those with the best liquidity but those who have the most potential and offer exciting trading prospects and possibilities for its clients. IOTA seems to fare better than NEO on both of these accounts.

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Thanks - we're reviewing all assets (as we do periodically) so i'll make sure to pass this on. 

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Thank you very much. It is very much appreciated. It would be nice if IG could at the very least offer at least the top 10 Cryptocurrencies by market cap and taking into account liquidity (of course) to its clients. This would offer real choice and offer potentially more rewarding trading opportunities within the Cryptocurrency asset class.

This could then be reviewed every year and those Cryptocurrencies for which there simply is no demand for trading could be removed and replaced with another which there is a greater demand for. This is just a thought. I think if IG could do this then it could be regarded as a top Cryptocurrency Trading broker. It does not seem to have that reputation at the moment when searching through the internet. Others offer far more choice. I accept they may be taking on more risk but if IG are a big broker and they should be able to flex their muscles and offer at least the same level of choice as its competitors if not more. 

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