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Hello all, I am on a live MT4 account and I haven't been able to make the NZDCAD pair appear on my live account. Tried showing all and restarting my MT4 but with no success. Has anyone else stumbled upon the same issue?

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7 hours ago, alexkef said:

Hello all, I am on a live MT4 account and I haven't been able to make the NZDCAD pair appear on my live account. Tried showing all and restarting my MT4 but with no success. Has anyone else stumbled upon the same issue?

Hi, not sure why it's not there after 'show all', it should be in the top fx list (see pic). IG don't include the pair in the demo platform. @JamesIG the nzdcad chart has a large fake spike Friday 7am 31.05.19. Unfortunately the fake spike on the China index chart remains as well.


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8 minutes ago, alexkef said:

Thank you all for the answers, just got word from IG Helpdesk that the NZDCAD pair is not supported on MT4 accounts. 


That's odd, which country are you in? I know it's not supported on the demo platform but seems to be working fine (apart from that fake spike I reported earlier). See chart below.



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14 hours ago, alexkef said:

Greece, in the email I got from IG Markets it is stated "On MT4 platform you can trade only with limited currency pair [...] NZDCAD pair is not available on MT4 platform"

@alexkef,  it may be that IG are going to remove the pair imminently, a while back when another was trying to get nzdcad installed on the demo platform they were told there simply wasn't the order flow going through to justify it.

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