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Pro Real time difficulties



Hi All

Ive been using ProRealTime software recently. It was initially working fine both in my IG Demo and Live (real money) accounts. However since this week started (Monday 10.6.19) neither IG accounts seem to be taking the orders triggered from the ProRealTime software. The Trading Systems are up and running with ProRealTime in the trading tabs but making no progress at all, ie not placing any orders. Its like ProReal Time is not talking to IG.

Ive tried stopping alternatively demo PRT trading systems and live PRT trading systems in case there was some compatibility issue between the two accounts, but this action has made no change to my situation. I can perfectly backtest all the trading systems so I could see where the orders should have been placed for the past few days, only that they did not take place in the IG accounts.

Any ideas out there?


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I've been using the demo account for a while and had a lot of intermittent crashing issues where I have to login again and again, plus had some 'unexpected errors... call helpdesk messages' messages.... bit worrying as it stopped me from closing positions! Anything like that happened to you guys?

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