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Overnight Indices mixed, Bonds, Oil and Gold up. Chart BTC down 1%.

US oil and USD still trapped by resistance, Gold trying to push up off recent lows.

Ger prelim GDP beat expectations this morning +0.1%, -0.1% forecast. UK retail sales at 9:30am, EU GDP at 10am and US PPIs at 1:30pm. Fed's Powell testifies to congress at 3pm.





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Visualisation in Excel of current market situation: Built using https://www.excelpricefeed.com  

"...an inverting yield curve and weak June manufacturing data across the globe have divided analysts on whether or not a pullback is due. DWS forecasts a “moderate cooling of economic activity”, but J

Overnight remains risk off. Indices and Oil down. Gold and Bonds up with Bonds just pulling back. Today not much on the calendar so it's all about the virus. 

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Overnight Indices up, USD and Oil down, Bonds down. Gold was up yesterday but lost all gains overnight. S&P and Dow into new all time highs, again. Chart US Tech 100.

Today EU CPI at 10am and US retail sales at 1:30pm.




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Overnight Indices down though Dow currently a green daily candle, Oil and Gold down, USD and Crypto up.

Not much on the calendar, Fed and ECB speak throughout the day, US jobs and manu survey at 1:30, US Nat gas storage at 3:30.



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Overnight Indices and Gold up. Bonds, Oil and Crypto down. Chart CAT up 1.4% yesterday.

Markit PMIs day today. Ger at 8:30, EU at 9am, GB at 9:30 and US at 2:45pm.

Lagarde speaks today time stated as 8:30 but not definite. US Mitch consum senti at 3pm.



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Thanks for posting these @Caseynotes

I use my own dashboard which I have built in Excel with streaming prices from IG (using my Add-in).

It gives me a quick visual overview of various markets (Excel data-bars are brilliant!), I can see that stocks are down, fx flat, oil down etc and how markets have moved comparatively.

I can also see where markets are now compared to their high-low (range) today which I find quite useful.


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@andysinclair, brilliant, looks good and easy to see at a glance what's going on.

Always useful to have a gauge as to what the overall market situation is as to whether the feeling is for risk on or risk off but it's also useful to see which markets are moving and which are flat. If a market is active I'd expect it to continue to be active regardless of direction til proved otherwise and same for flat markets.

So combine the two (active/flat & risk on/off) and you can narrow down particular markets of interest and likely direction. 

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That's odd, I seemed to have failed Friday's post which was a shame as I particularly pointed out China's PMI data Saturday.

Indices back up to the highs, Bonds and Gold down, Oil up, Crypto down.

PMI data today for Ger, UK, CAD and US.




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Overnight Indices up, Bonds, Oil and Gold down. See Ger indy production (m/m) just came in at minus 1.7% instead of the plus 0.1% expected but Dax doesn't seem to care, it knows it's future is tied up with the US data.

US NFP day today at 1:30pm and 180k expected, don't forget the ADP nfp on Wednesday came in at a big miss of only 67k v 137 expected.



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Overnight the US Indices just pausing back up near the all time highs, Oil broke though near term resistance on Friday while Gold hang close to key support.

Not much on the calendar today, FOMC rate decision on Wednesday.



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Overnight Indices up, Bonds, Oil and Gold up, USD and Crypto down.

UK GDP data at 9:30. The high vol event today is the Ger econ sentiment (survey of expectations by institutional investors) at 10am and here is listed as expected at 0.0 though other sites list plus 1.1 which would be only the second positive since March 2018.



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Overnight Indices and Oil up, Bonds and Gold down, USD flat, Crypto down. S&P back up near the all time high.

Today Swiss CB rate decision at 8:30am, ECB rate decision at 12:45am and presser at 1:30pm. US PPI and jobs data at 1:30.

UK general election all day, exit polls starting just after 10pm on voting polls close, market to watch GBPUSD.



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