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What is a stop distance point?

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Apple inc share buy price is currently $194.1400.

The deal ticket iPhone screen has a stop distance +- spinner. If I enter “2” in there does it represent $2 (e.g. stop loss at $192.1400) or something else?



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3 hours ago, Mark8787 said:

Apple inc share buy price is currently $194.1400.

The deal ticket iPhone screen has a stop distance +- spinner. If I enter “2” in there does it represent $2 (e.g. stop loss at $192.1400) or something else?



Hi @Mark8787, the stop distance should be in points which in IG speak is the same as a pip (FX) or a tick (Indices).

See this info page on the deal/order ticket.


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44 minutes ago, Mark8787 said:

Thanks. So in that example I would set the stop distance to 20,000 to be a $2 distance, or at $192.1400, correct?

@Mark8787,  yes but no 🙂, you don't use the last 2 zeros, not sure which platform you are on but if it's the spread bet and the price is 194.1400 and you want a price stop 2.0000 away at 192.1400 then you need to put 200 points in the stop loss box,  see pic below.


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