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@dmedin That looks realy good but if you look to the left ther's a bull candle about 50% of the rise in May if you wait and see on a weekly chart you will miss the action, now you need to move in


They are expecting a good Christmas and will be opening a new robotic 🤖 warehouse in 2021.  So it looks good for a wee long.  🐮

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Zut alors!  I wonder if it will go all the way to 1029?  I would bet so, but my modest funds are tied up other things :(

OTOH, it might be a nice buy when it reaches the bottom and starts climbing again later on.


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Here comes the bouncy-bouncy!  If it starts to fall again after hitting that level then I would say it's heading back down again.  I've no idea why this is so from a fundamental level, something to do with M&S poor clothes sales?


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I decided to stop trading on shorter time frames until I got better at inter-day trading, but this would have been an excellent one to day trade.  Everything just aligns perfectly - the candle stick patterns, volume, moves below the MAs, the RSI rising above 30.




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On 13/11/2019 at 12:57, dmedin said:

If it starts to fall again after hitting that level then I would say it's heading back down again


Sorry for sounding stupid ... I meant to say, 'If it hits this Fib and bounces off it, I think it's going to fall down to the next Fib'.

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1 hour ago, dmedin said:

It's starting to look like the sudden and inexplicable drop in Ocado's share price was just an opportunity to buy back in at a better price, not to go short.  🙈

@CharlotteIG In retrospect your post sounded like a hint :DOCDO-Daily.thumb.png.904bfe14887aadee34707622081b9446.png


@dmedinI saw the large drop and once the bullish candle was visible again thought it could be a potential buying opportunity but with the large bear movement it's hard to predict if it will reverse direction or continue with the downward trend. 

🐻 vs 🐮

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I find it fascinating that we see such violent moves in price up and down immediately before the announcement that Ocado is issuing debt.  Not that I would want to suggest that certain interested parties have access to sensitive information before the general public does, because that would be insider information.

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