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Why is it that you fail to keep previous IGTV shows available and up to date 24/7? Today there is absolutely nothing to watch - why not - where have the vids gone? See attachment

IG - 25-06-2019.png

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This seems to be an issue isolated to you and your desktop browser. Please make sure you have access granted to flash, and that there are no firewall settings which restrict the page from loading.

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Hi JamesIG,

Yep, reinstalled Flash and tried 3 browsers (Chrome, Firefox, I.E.) to no avail. Strange because last week I could see the days videos and history, but today Zilch! Firewall settings are the same as ever, so I remain foxed as to why they are not loading - any other ideas would be appreciated.



PS I can see and play the vids in Our Picks without problems!

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    • Meltdown? Some context required. End of 1989 Nikkei stood about 39000. Within 9 months that had halved. Over the next 22 years it halved again. At the low, financial district property worth 1% (one percent!), residential 10% of peak prices. However you look at it I reckon that was a meltdown! Still if you blow a bubble .....it will pop in your eye. They entered a deflationary period 20+ years ahead of the rest. The consequences are daunting. Poor demographics often quoted but not 30 years ago it wasn't. Overall I'm sure the Plaza Accord and the subsequent currency adjustments had a big impact. Resets......reset everything. The Brexit/EU nonsense rolls on but I'm disappointed that the UK media have not picked up on the impending next European banking crisis. The EuroStoxx Banking Index is on a precipice. Levels last seen in late 80s, during the GFC and the last Greek/Cyprus debacle  the outcome of which was the current "bail in" process you mentioned. Italy is seriously trying to issue min BOTs (because it can't afford to repay in Euros) to meet its future obligations. that's the third biggest economy in EU. France now well above accepted deficit levels and Germany probably in a recession. Show me the door.......
    • Thank you JamesIG for your explanation of how IG determine their price charts. "This means there will always be a discrepancy with the highly publicized index price" ... Yes that is also noted but your company "interpretation" has the low 9 days before the other outlets. However you want to spin (explain) it. That makes it incredibly difficult to ascertain what a real low is.....is it the one you show or the one the others show? It also, at least to me, appears that best practise would be served if the resulting price chart reflects the index it purports to follow/promote. EWT users ( I follow a US analyst) will know the frustration. His DOW chart shows a different low....and therefore a different count. Tongue in cheek.....so when was the recent low in the past two weeks?