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We have looked to answer the main questions you may have with taking part in the beta of the New IG Trading platform. If you have any other questions , please post them in a separate thread.


What is a beta?

A beta is an early version of an application that contains most of its major features but is still incomplete. Being part of our beta gives you the opportunity to have a say on how we refine the new platform before its general release later this year.


How does the beta differ from our current platform?

You should find IG Trading to be even quicker and more reliable than our current web platform, with an easier-to-use, more configurable interface. However, the beta version is initially limited to spread betting on indices, forex, shares and commodities. Our full range of products, including CFDs, binaries, share dealing and sprint markets, are available as normal on our current web platform.

There are also certain features you may use that you won’t find in the new platform straight away, including:

  • Integrated ProRealTime charts
  • Real-time news updates
  • Binaries and sprint markets

We’ll continue to add these features and more throughout the beta. If there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, let us know.


What if my deal goes wrong due to the beta?

Our new platform has gone through rigorous testing to make sure your spread bets go through without a hitch. As with any beta, however, there may be technical issues that we can’t foresee.

If you have any problems of this kind, please get in touch with our trading services team on 0800 409 6789. We will of course look into any deal you think may have been affected by a technical error.


Accessing the beta


Who has access to the beta?

At this stage, we’ve only offered access to a select number of IG clients, prioritising those who tend not to use features currently unavailable in the beta. This means you’re one of the first to try the new platform.


Is the beta available across all devices?

No, this is our new platform for trading on the web. For the best mobile spread betting experience, you should continue to use the IG Trading app on your device.


Where can I find out more about the beta?

Our new platform is designed to provide an entirely intuitive experience, and the best way to learn is by trying it out for yourself. But it’s also worth checking back to this beta help site, which will be updated regularly with video guides and the latest developments.

You can also share your experiences of the new platform in the first impressions thread on IG Community, where our trading services team will be on hand to field any questions, and others with access to the beta can offer the benefit of their own experience. If you’d like to speak to our trading services team directly, you can contact us on 0800 409 6789.


Can I use the platform with my demo account?


Yes, as long as your demo account was open before you signed up to the beta. When you go to the dashboard in My IG, simply select the ‘try new platform (beta)’ button next to the live or demo account you’d prefer to use.

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide access to IG Trading on any demo accounts created after registering for the beta.



Switching platforms


Do I still have access to the current platform?

Yes, the two platforms work concurrently and you can switch between them at any time via My IG. You’ll see buttons for each platform next to your spread betting account(s) on your dashboard, so simply select the one you’d like to use.


Do I have to close working orders or positions before I switch?

We’ve made the transition from one platform to the other as seamless as possible, so all of your orders and positions will carry between them. You can even have both platforms open in separate browser tabs or windows at the same time.


Where are my watchlists?

To make sure you can pick up where you left off, we’ve automatically carried over any watchlists you’ve previously created on the current platform. You’ll find them all under the ‘watchlists’ option in the left-hand fly-out menu.


When will binaries and sprint markets be available?

There are a few features and products, including binaries and sprint markets, that are currently missing from the beta but will be available soon. In the meantime, you’ll find everything available as normal in the current platform.


Managing your account


Where can I see my available funds?

Click the ‘balances’ drop-down in the top navigation bar. You’ll see a checklist of balances, including total funds, profit/loss, available and more. Select which figures you want to keep in display across the navigation bar.


Where can I see the required margin to open a position on a product?

You’ll find key deal information, such as the margin required for a bet and your available balance, at the bottom of every deal ticket. Many platforms provide just a close estimation of margin required, but IG Trading displays an exact calculation of the margin you’ll need to open your position.


How do I deposit/withdraw funds?

The way you deposit and withdraw funds hasn’t changed. You’ll still need to use My IG, which you can access via the account selector drop-down in the top navigation bar.


How do I change my account details?

To make amendments to your account details – and view your account numbers, transaction history and more – head to My IG as normal. Click on your account name in the top navigation bar, and you can access My IG from there.



Understanding the basics


How do I log in to / out of the new platform?

Log in via IG.com as normal, go to your dashboard in My IG and click on the ‘try new platform (beta)’ button next to your chosen spread betting account. Each time you log in, just follow these steps to return to the new platform.

To log out, click on the account name in the top navigation bar and select ‘log out’. All of your settings and workspaces are automatically saved, so they’ll be exactly as you left them when you come back later.


How do I place a deal?

When you click on the name of a market, its chart and deal ticket will appear side-by-side. If the deal ticket is hidden, you can reveal it by clicking on the ‘deal’ button in the top right corner of the chart.

Once you’ve entered your deal size, the ‘place deal’ button will light up green, meaning you’re ready to place your deal. Don’t forget to set your required stop and limit distances.

You’ll receive a note of confirmation once you’ve placed your trade.

By activating one-click dealing, you make this process even quicker: just enter your deal size in a watchlist, open position or working order, and click the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ buttons to submit your deal.


How do I place an order?

Click on the ‘order’ button in the relevant deal ticket, and choose your bet size, price level, expiry time, and stop or limit. The ‘place order’ button will light up green, and you’ll receive a notification once you’ve placed it.


How do I close an open position?

You can view all your open positions by clicking on ‘positions’ in the fly-out menu on the left.

If you do not have one-click dealing turned on, click ‘close’ next to the position you want to close out. This will confirm your potential profit or loss, and show the amount per point required to close your position. Click on the ‘buy’ or ‘sell’ button that appears, and you’ll receive a notification to confirm your position is now closed.

If you have one-click dealing turned on, clicking the green close button next to your chosen position will instantly close you out.


Building your workspace


How do I create a new workspace?

Click on the plus sign, which you’ll find next to your existing workspaces above the navigation bar at the top of the platform. There’s no limit to the number of workspaces you can create.

Add watchlists, markets, open positions, working orders and other panels to your new workspace by clicking the relevant ‘add to workspace’ button.


How do I create a watchlist?

Select ‘watchlists’ from the fly-out menu on the left. Click the ‘create watchlist’ button, type in a name and hit enter. You can then right-click on a market name to add it to your new watchlist.


How do I save a layout?

You won’t need to; the new platform automatically remembers any modifications to your layouts and settings, and saves them for next time.


How do I find a futures market?

In markets which offer both cash (DFB) and futures bets, there’s a quick way to switch from one to the other.

Find your way to the underlying market using the fly-out menu on the left. Above the chart, in the top left-hand corner, you’ll see a ‘futures’ option immediately above the market name. Clicking on this reveals all the available expiries. Select which one you want to bet on, and add it to a watchlist and/or workspace for quicker access next time.



Changing your deal settings


How do deal settings work?

In the new IG Trading platform, there’s no need to re-enter your deal settings every time. Tell us once, and we’ll remember your preferences for next time. Simply click on ‘settings’ on the menu and check the options that suit you. You can make the platform:


  • Remember your last deal size or stop distance, per market
  • Control how we execute opposing positions on the same market. By default we’ll net off, but you can choose to force open.
  • Accept partial fills, points through current and market orders

You can also choose to see deal and execution settings on the deal ticket. Bear in mind that if you use a different browser or computer, you’ll need to input your settings again.


Which types of stops can I use?

You can currently attach non-guaranteed (normal) and trailing stops to any of your positions. Guaranteed stops are currently only available in our classic platform, but will be available in the beta soon. In the meantime, you can use the new platform to edit and close any positions with a guaranteed stop already attached.


How do I enable one-click dealing?

Use the ‘1-click’ switch in the top navigation bar. Watch our quick video guide to find out more about one-click dealing.


How do I force open?

Force open allows you to hold positions in opposite directions on the same market simultaneously. If you don’t select ‘force open’, opposing positions will net off.

To enable the force open option, go to the ‘settings’ menu and turn on ‘show Force Open in ticket’. You’ll then be able to specify if you’d like a position to force open at the point of confirming the deal.


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Hi ,


We're rolling the new platform our to more clients each day, however both platforms will be available to use for all clients for the foreseeable future!



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How do I rollover a contract in IG and is there any reduction in spread in auto rollover than just by closing and reopening?

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