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Easiest way of placing DMA MOC orders

Guest Igi


I am trying to work out the easiest way for me to place Market on Close (MOC) orders using my new IG account.

I deposited £1100 into my Share Dealing Account and paid for 1 month's L2 data earlier today. Web trader then displayed the order book. However no DMA order types were listed among the 6 order types in the drop down menu. Would any of the following allow me to place MOC orders (listed with the easiest first) ...

1) Browser-based trading (e.g. displayed in Firefox, or Chrome etc.)

2) Downloadable Linux program (e.g. to run in Fedora, or Debian, etc.)

3) Downloadable App for my iPad-Mini iOS 9.3.5 (Not compatible with your "IG:Spread Bets & CFD Trading" App)

4) Virtualized Windows 7, but which I don't think will run .NET Framework.

Note that I am not too bothered about seeing the L2 data. I am more interested in being able to place MOC or perhaps LOC orders.

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