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Greggs: the awesome power of a vegan butty

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On ‎05‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 09:31, elle said:

there was a lot of interest in this one between Mid Feb & Mid May, those holders must still be there, so they may take some shaking out. 1700 must hold for them. I think they'll hold on for a while, unless there's some sort of market shock


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@dmedin I know this is too late as the market is now closed but looking at your RSI indicator, this afternoon did look like a good time to short ready for next week.

at quite a point here  - there was a lot of interest here earlier in the year

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3 hours ago, dmedin said:

Nice chart from IG ...


Hey @dmedin,

Is that on the cash or forward chart for Greggs? I've tried to replicate the same layout on my phone and desktop but it's not showing that issue you're having. If it's on your desktop as part of your layout, can you remove the chart then re-add it and see if it's still not working. 

Let me know


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It effectively costs £16 to trade Greggs - seems like the permanent minimum spread, no matter what.  Just not worth it at this stage, until it makes a decisive move one way or the other.

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The entire FTSE 250 is boosted by a stronger pound, so I doubt the wisdom of picking out individual stocks (a rising tide lifts all boats).  Then again it's cheaper to get leverage on Greggs than the entire FTSE 250 index.  But yes, buy and hold.  Only way to avoid these horrible 'sudden swings'.  Or buy call options, if you can.

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Apropos of which, I must stop in by a Greggs at some point and try one of these.  I wonder if meat substitutes have any of the good things about meat (protein, vitamins and other essential minerals)?  If not, then what's the point - except for the purposes of virtue-signalling? 🤨



The spread on Greggs is still really big (16 seems to be the minimum, so if you want to SB on Greggs you pay IG £16 for the privilege - you pay less in commission if you just buy the shares outright) and it costs too much to bet on the FTSE 250.  It ain't great :(


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I'm very undecided when I look at charts for shares.  It seems like the only way to trade is to put in a nice big stop (usually beneath large/gapping up green candles) and leave it to run it course (future-dated contract).  I can't see any other sensible way of doing it, considering short-term gaps and in this case the astronomical spread.  Even then it might just be better to buy some of the shares for real, where they are relatively cheap.



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Will it fall back to one of these (possible incorrect because I drew them) support levels and present a good opportunity to buy back in? 🤔🥩  2120 would be ideal as you can see there was heavy buying up to that level, so it will probably hold up at that point.


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    • You need to get hung up on them, because they happen - I know for a fact that during 2007-09 bear market you could have traded long and made money, because I did it, but the easiest route was shorting and down Get a chart WEEKLY of any forex market or commodity - go back as far as poss and notice the big turns/swings - much more volatile than the SP500 - there's a reason for that  I always say anyone who's making a packet from trading or Investing on SP500 etc go have a crack at the forex or commodity markets - the stock markets natural direction is UPWARDS - especially buy and holders, fund managers would get ripped apart on the forex + comm markets OK - Its totally Impossible to know EXACTLY what the SP500 is going to do on a daily/weekly basis, but it WAS possible to know that a) 2007-09 was going to be a bear market before 2007 even arrived and b) that the market would stop around the level it did.  But this is ultra advanced and very few people are bothered about it I've written a thread on Time Cycles on here - it covers what the SP500 is doing in terms of TIME - if you understand it and think about it, it will put you ahead of 99.99999% of traders out there, because these really big corrections and crashes do not happen out of the blue - they are predictable and forecastable with high reliability years in advance  Look at the chart below - think about what I'm saying: In 1909 WD Gann said that markets always seek their gravity centre, the half way point - that's the 50% level to you and I Traders go on about fib levels - the 50% level is clearly much more important a level  What if you KNEW 1974, 2003 and 2009 should be low points? What an opportunity both long and short! This is why I researched and spent hundreds of hours on Time and Time Cycles for - I missed 2000-2009 because I didn't know what I know now, but I know when the next ones are and I have no plans of missing them These are key once in a lifetime turn points that don't happen often So what I'm trying to point out is that on the stock market the big plunges like 07-09 aren't the norm, but they do happen with very regular intervals, that will catch a lot of people out during certain cycles that the market moves through. with regards to identifying bear markets - yes using a MA to say price below this level is bearish, but it's already bearish as it approaches the level if using price formations such as lower lows etc You don't need to know what I've discovered about time to be able to trade successfully - I was just intrigued if it was possible to be able to time the really big turns etc as I'd prefer to to know if it was    
    • These are relatively rare events but I do find myself getting hung up on them. 
    • If we take the 2008 decline on the US500, I've attached a daily chart of this. You'd be better off shorting but of course you don't know that it's going to be an ongoing decline and the risk potentially is that you switch to a short preference and then the market does revert back to an upward trend. The market stayed below the 100 day MA for an extended time so maybe that's an indication of which way to trade but I know it's not always reliable. Probably also helps if you use a trailing stop at least to minimise damage.
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