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Greggs: the awesome power of a vegan butty

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They postponed  their limited store reopening because of anticipated 'huge demand', which makes me lick my lips at the price falling back down to 1250 at which point I'll gladly buy it :D

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On 10/05/2020 at 14:44, jonny69rotten said:

dmedin are you tempted to short down to those levels?


Sorry, I never saw your post for some reason.  That's why I didn't reply.  Yes I was short until that small doji appeared on 14 May, then I waited till the 5/20 MA crossover with RSI > 50 to go long.

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Greggs' share price took a huge dump today.  I believe they issued a statement saying that profits will be significantly lower for the forseeable future.  Hardly a surprise.  I had no idea they were due to make an announcement today, couldn't see anything in the economic calendar.

Looks like you have to do more than trade on technical signals when it comes to individua stocks.

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Greggs has been on a downtrend for ages, is it time to buy yet O.o (Apropos: IG don't even seem to be updating the 'events' shown on charts, they must either have no sataff left or they are all lazy b4stards 'working' from home)


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