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Bitcoin expected to plummet

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8 hours ago, Mayur said:

Whst wil be next direction of crypto

WOW! When I seen the headline I expected some informed news... Talk about Click Bait!

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Guest phil

 Tony agrees :D 



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There are many factors for this (Look at what happened in Iran and Venezuela recently for example), It will no doubt go alot lower. 

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Iran, Basically you want Crypto? Fine....We will tax it. No advantage over how the system is now.

Venezuela, Mass blackouts make Crypto currently absolutely useless. People exit the system like crazy. They cant afford to be beholden to that when they are trying to get their next meal. 


Rumour has it Facebook are in talks with Walmart about some kind of "Crypto Project" making again Bitcoin useless in the majority of cases. 

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Guest stridfox

Indeed, the rate has fallen))  see Bitcoin price history
Jul 22, 2019 - $11,157
Dec 17, 2019 - $ 6,587


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