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Using underlying instrument to trigger trade

Guest HSITrader


Guest HSITrader

I am an index trader and use various tools to trade the index like futures, options and recently CFDs.

CFD's as with all derivatives, attempt to mirror the underlying index, but in no way perfect.  There is always a tendency for increased volatility in the derivative when there are sharp spikes in the underlying index.

My trades are triggered based on levels on the underlying index, there are have been situations where trades are triggered when limits on the CFD are reached even when they have not in the underlying index. 

Is there a platform in IG where I can set my trading levels on the underlying index to trigger a market trade on the underlying CFD? 

For example, setting a take profit trigger on a long HS50 trade. Once the level is reached on the Hang Seng Index, then it triggers a sell at market for the HS50 instrument. 

I've looked at L2 Dealer but it seems like its more for stock and forex. 




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