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My guess is that todays "sell off" was only a move to stop out some longs before the break up from the formation

that the price will drift up to 11 830 - 11 850 before the close and open with a gap up on monday so that the chase start for the buyers and the shorters get stopped out

Maybe something from the hole in jackson or a Trump tweet to give us a gap up?


Only guessing😁

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On 19/08/2019 at 13:56, Kodiak said:

Weekly and 240 min

Maybe something like this?


DAX W + 240.png

No guessing this time😁

Only play the levels!

Corrections often go in 3 waves (a zig zag) and the 3 wave (or c or whatever) is missing as i see it

so waiting for the third wave down but no guarantee..

Maybe ECB and Draghi can be" the straw that break the camels back"?


DAX w + 240 10 sept.png

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9 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

FED really need to deliver some rocket fuel to make this rally continue 

Powell will do what's expected then completely skew up the presser and Q and A and send the market tumbling, Trump will start hyperventilating and then explode and then Iran won't know what hit them. I can see it all so clearly 😅 

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