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What craziness is this?

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8 minutes ago, dmedin said:





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From Mark Douglas "Trading in the Zone"  sometimes, technicals can be overridden

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What seriously?  You mean technical analysis doesn't always go to plan?  Crikey I'll have to try something else, let's see, where is the number of my psychic?


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1 minute ago, TrendFollower said:

Also he emphasis the importance of probabilities. It does not matter what the market is going to do next. We don’t know as we don’t have crystal **** that can predict with any robust accuracy. What is important is what we as traders do next and this is where this book excels. 

I always have one to hand;)

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1 hour ago, Ludwik Chodzko-Zajko IG said:

We saw this as a direct reaction to Merkel's comments in the Hague. GBP rallied sharply against all other pairs, sharp uptick in flow across the board.

as did I, hence the earlier ( Ransquawk) post

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I stopped trying to answer the "why" questions a long time ago! It would always get my head in a spin and I would always end up more confused! 😂

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    • For me your stop is large, I use close to the minimum for the market. But I think same applies. I think basically I like tight stops because you can't lose too much but when you win hopefully you win big relative to that. I've been using a 4:1 reward/risk ratio for example.  When I started out I thought the likelihood of pulling this off given how close the stop was to entry was unlikely but actually it does happen fairly often. The issue I have is that I average a win every 4 trades so essentially make nothing in the end but that's just my mean, I have a massive standard deviation that I need to get way down i.e. increase win rate if possible before this is useful. So for me I think I need better timing signals to enter and I enter too readily without really using indicators to help me. To be honest though what I've found which might be obvious to most is that if the market trends for a period of time it's much easier to make money. When it isn't it's very difficult, the problem is you often don't know when it's not trending to a large enough degree until you're in it and then you need to know to take some time and return later. Like sailing with a strong wind and then all of a sudden it's doldrums.
    • Why am I 50% successful on TradingView and 100% unsuccessful on IG? Inadvertent hindsight?