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VMware: insiders selling?


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It has been very common @dmedin for people to look at director share dealings over the many years we have had listed stocks.  All the major stockbroking platforms have recent director dealings detailed on the data sheets for listed stocks.  Not sure I follow your point re being a big shark or not with respect to this, most company directors are not big share dealing players.  Maybe after we get to a reset system the powers that be will finally figure out that tying professional management (as opposed to owner entrepreneurs) to share prices is a recipe for the accounting corruption have seen in the past, may be seeing right now in GE, and probably the disaster that is share buybacks yet to unfold.  For sure the failure rate of major M&A to add any shareholder value (in fact the opposite is the norm) at the top of the market lies in this need to boost share prices for personal greed motivations.

All we can do is be aware and profit from it if we can or stay away.

One thing that I did spot in the article link was the following


Now that is pure comedy gold!  However on the more serious side, how do all dictatorships start...  Imagine a a world where the US was run by a religions conservative megalomaniac?  No wonder Margret Atwood decide to put out a sequel to her famous book so long after the original was published...  Dark times perhaps #(insert whatever it's all drivel)

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    • Exactly This !! Chris Sky, right then and now. All adds up to enforced Chinafication.     Meanwhile, The very strict mask mandate in Germany is clearly ... err ... not working.       And of course ... Triple vaxed doctor gets Covid, passes it to another triple vaxed doctor. Solution: more boosters and keep banning those unvaccinated super spreaders from society. Two Israeli doctors infected with Omicron, hospital says | Reuters   And 1 sane politician.  
    • it's all in the thread, shame you never read it before jumping in with your opinion of it, it would save a lot of your time and confusion.
    • "Your" backstory, from "your research".....  
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