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Calculating capital gains

Guest lucas2


I am preparing a tax return and want to work out my capital gains on IG. Unfortunately, the "consolidated tax certificate" only seems to list income from dividends and interest and does not summarise capital gains as I was hoping.

How do you work out capital gains on IG? Is there an overview of sold shares which also shows the cost of the shares (ideally already in GBP)?

If I have to manually work out all of this from the trading statements, that will be incredibly time consuming and painful. Do you know of any software that at least can help with that?

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1 hour ago, Rktm said:

Thanks you so much. Yes , this help but do we need to get in touch with HMRC or they will let us know.


Yes you need to declare any capital gains to HMRC. IG don't provide any tax advice. If you google HMRC capital gains there should be links to advice, manuals, calculators and forms.

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