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Dividend deduction


 Can somebody please explain to me why I had £490 deducted from my account this evening when I was short £50 on the Dow? I closed my position at exactly 9 pm and within a minute, had that sum deducted from my account ... thank you. Theo

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IG process the dividend adjustment as soon as the market closes. I.e 9pm. If you do not want to incur the adjustment you need to close before the clock strikes.

If you're long they will add a percentage and if you’re short they will deduct the percentage.

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12 hours ago, TrendFollower said:


I am pretty sure you cannot short the Dow for £50.00 margin on IG’s Spread Betting account. 

Was it £50.00 per point? Maybe you got stopped out or your funds ran out due to use of leverage?

Thank you, but you’re incorrect. I was not out of funds, or margined out, or stopped. 

And yes, I was £50 a point short.

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    • Using Spread bet is not suitable for scalping in my view , you get filled and exit at a poor price and its hard to cover a spread. Depends on what your definition of a 'scalp'  is though   Share dealing is  a lot better for US stocks (no fees) but you need the capital and can only go long. 
    • The point Rayner was making is if you only have a five point target and your win rate is not very high it is probably not a viable strategy.