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All charts frozen



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1 hour ago, fred11 said:

Their contact number is dead 0800 195 3100 option 1 if you are an account holder. then the line goes dead

Yes, kept happening to me ever and over. Very frustrating. I thought the firm had gone bust or something. Couldn't get hold of RM either for a long while. There should be a record message or something to reassure clients as much as possible. Very worrying when you are blind to your positions and there's nothing you can do.

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Frozen Charts or 'Unavailable to Open' etc.  is almost a daily occurrence for me.  I thought it was typical of Spread Betting where the most active stocks are closed because of Volatility.  They usually become available after the market has been open for an hour, but by then I've missed any breakout potential.

I knew I couldn't be the only one.  This must be happening more often that anyone is willing to admit.

 I even posted about a week ago that i searched the entire LSE for any stock on the move above 5%.  Of the hundreds or thousands in the list,  I managed about 10 that I could potentially trade on.  Less than half of them able to Short.  The rest had spreads so large I'd need to own a bank to trade them.


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3 hours ago, fred11 said:

Looks like a transfer for me to go  to Hargreaves and Lansdown   is  on the books. My SIPP is with hargeaves and they seem pretty good, its just a shame their charges are higher than IG. 


Seems they're not accepting any new SB clients at the moment.

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    • They caused me a loss of £10k as I was long and planning to keep my trades. Anyway, looks like the SEC is going to go after them and to be honest I'm glad because I found it extreme on us small investors to lose all our money because they delisted xrp. https://coil.com/p/XRP_Productions/SEC-Sues-Crypto-Exchanges-for-Delisting-XRP-and-Hurting-Innocent-Investors/VfGRw237d        
    • As you rightly say, based on their decision making affect on existing customer positions, faith in IG being a decent ethical organisation is shattered - I would never have thought a company who had such a good reputation and project such s customer inclusive approach could **** its loyal customers on this manner; please email their Compliance department if not already done in case of future litigation
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