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Hi all,

I have done a bank transfer to my account and also sent the proof of deposit but for some reason got an email stating that my account can not be credited and no reason was given. Tried to call the hotline but no one picks up. 

Does anyone have similar experience??


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There was a huge system outrage, hence they stop withdrawing and adding of funds. Helpdesk hotline is jammed so no point trying. I have been trying to call them for 6 hrs. Still no1 answered. 

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The outrage happened 10hrs ago. It got back up only like 6 to 7 hrs ago. However there is alot of incorrect trades/positions where the trades do not matched. I guess alot of people is still calling in to fix the problem.

You can look at the thread of ig status. It will show you when the outrage was by reading the post.

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    • yes the twitter poster did mention the 1 month lag but what is the point of you posting a link to an article on the total deaths for 2020 dated in October hahaha.   as you can see the 2020 data is in line with previous years and that's the point. A pandemic should be causing far in excess of normal deaths and in Spain, as in more and more countries as the data comes in, it definitely has not. Not sure why you keep embarrassing yourself maintaining the farce when long since the data has proved  your beloved lockdowns to be not only useless but actually damaging. If only everyone had had their pay stopped for every lockdown then there would have been none at all (just like Sweden).   .
    • Article from EFE agency proving this report wrong.  https://www.efe.com/efe/espana/efeverifica/el-numero-de-muertos-en-espana-2020-no-es-menor-al-anos-anteriores/50001435-4381326
    • As homework try to translate the first sentence right below the table. This is a picture that has been moving around since the beginning of this month. It is fish bait for the right-wing fellows in Spain, they love this kind of fake reports.  It is interesting that you are now posting it as well, very interesting.
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