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I have had serious problems with my account. After IG platforms crashed on Thursday I had a short position on the Dow that I wanted to close on Thursday night but the platform was telling me that the position didn't exist anymore and the margin had disappeared. I called the help desk and spoke to Tom in London who told me the position would be cancelled at the opening price  when the system would let him. He also said he would confirm this  by email. He didn't! I then called on Friday morning as I was worried about this not being rectified and after a long wait eventually spoke to the Singapore office who reiterated that the position would be closed at the opening price as he saw the notes on my account. I logged in on Saturday morning and I was pleased to see the position had disappeared completely and I thought this was the end of the matter, however I logged on Saturday evening to see the position has reappeared and showing an even larger lose and a margin has been added back again which has concerned me even more.

I have screenshots and video as evidence of all these different situations occruing on my account over the past two days. I realise IG is experiencing major issues as the answerphone message has just confirmed but I am very alarmed that this situation has not been rectified. I'm sure I don't need to remind IG that trust between a customer and a Spread Betting firm is imperative. I have lost my trust in IG for now. I will close my account early this coming week unless the matter is rectified and I expect to be able to withdraw the total amount of funds. I will also make a formal complaint to the regulator if this matter isn't brought to a satisfactory conclusion within 48 hours.

Anybody else got similar experiences?

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Seems they are at it again...  Opened an account on the 10th, deposited funds then haven't been able to log in since.  The helpdesk operator said he'd have IT call me to resolve an issues with my password constantly rejecting.  Funnily enough, other people are also having the identical issue with logging in...  Just keeps telling everyone their password is wrong.  Re-set it, same thing over and over.  Not cool!


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    • Hey @pravid17 I hope you're well.  In the leveraged trading industry there are brokers who don't hedge client's exposure and brokers (like ourselves) who do hedge client's exposure.  In a perfect world the exposure of short clients would net off the trades of long clients however this is not always the case. Our hedging model allows us to take an exposure in the underlying market for the remaining exposure which doesn't offset - This way we don't need to hedge every trade, worry about profits of our clients and results in lower costs for hedging in the underlying market (commissions, interest etc.). So say 60% of IG customer exposure in the ASX was long and 40% of exposure on the ASX was short. The 40% would net each other off but there's a remaining 20% of customers who need to be hedged to cover their positions. We go into the market and hedge this.  We make our money primarily through our spreads and overnight funding  with other fees making up a small proportion of our revenue. I would like to remind also that IG is regulated by several bodies globally, including top-tier regulators like the UK's FCA, Germany's BaFIN, Australia's ASIC - This should be quite reassuring from a dealing execution and transparency perspective.  I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other question 
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    • Market data to trade the week of 26 September: Nasdaq; NXT From the economic calendar next week IG technical analyst, Axel Rudolph, picks up on a short trade on the Nasdaq around US inflation data. Meanwhile, despite another light week of corporate data, Axel picks out the chart of Next plc (NXT) as an interesting trade to think about.          
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