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6 hours ago, Rajanb said:

am newbie to IG index and a non -us resident living in asian country  looking for weekly,monthly option CFD on US stocks  like Amazon,Facebook with leverage 1:10. I created a demo account but couldnt find  option cfd  for US stocks.  Kindly advice



Hi, IG don't do US stocks or UK share options, not sure if it's a regulation thing but don't know of any UK brokers who do for US stocks. IG only cover the cfd US indices options

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7 hours ago, Rajan_b said:

Hi Caseynotes,

Thanks for the update.

The us cfd index option do I have to pay the premium full upfront when I purchase Call or put option or leverage available.?

Any Brokers other than Uk Brokers do offer US Stock options with leverage ..?

( exclude plus500)

Hi, the IG options are CFDs so are leveraged, they are on the demo platform so get on and have a play, see what you think. As above I don't know UK any brokers that do US stock options, maybe Saxo might be worth a look.

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