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Podcast interview with trader Anthony Crudele

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Brilliant interview, Crudele explains how he blew up his account 3 times before learning how to trade properly. 

Started as a pit trader in 80's, went through transition to screen trader in the 90's.

1 hour interview. He explains how 'risk management' is the key, not only for account survival but also how to use it to build a trade as well as using it to build an account. 

Chat with Traders episode 80.





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Yes excellent insights .  I don't know about you but he was also telling my story, spooky how similar (except for the million dollar successes, yet...).


Interesting that he started as a high freq scalper and is now a low freq longer term trader.  The method he described is also interesting in terms of the use of multiple time frames, seeking multiple reasons to trade and looking for correlations across related markets and needed several reasons to take a trade and confirmation of direction.  All things I am doing but alas not yet consistently successfully.  This podcast given one hope but also shows that practice and risk management is key to success.  Also taking profits when they are on offer...


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    • Don't really have a good option right now. Either hold or cut losses. Holding seems like a better option as Nasdaq should not be dropping that much more (hopefully). Cutting my losses now means losing 10 days of earnings. Doesn't sit well with me. What would you guys do if trapped like me?
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