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Has the idiot-in-chief been making some inside trades?

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Apropos of market abuse, it must be good to play golf with Orange Fury and place your bets before the tweets ...

Unknown actors may have made billions from the turmoil Donald Trump has created in the markets through erratic tweets, shoot-from-the-hip foreign policy, and the trade war with China, according to a new report.

A Vanity Fair deep-dive into stock market activity has uncovered several instances where advantageous trades were made suspiciously close to market-moving events.



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It's so sad that the moronic Dems and the corrupt MSM simply can't find anything to impeach Trump with as that's the only way to stop him winning the next election. All the other trumped up charges have been proved fake one after the other and now time is running out. ☹️



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4 hours ago, Caseynotes said:

the only way to stop him winning the next election

Why would you want to stop him? Don't see anyone better my miles around.

You got to have someone a little insane int that seat - the job's crazy enough.

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Ah, sorry, I'm too German. We don't understand humour, certainly not English one :D 

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Hey @dmedin. That news piece is something I long suspected. If anyone can move the market with just one tweet then why shouldn't the cronies profit from it. I'm just surprised this has taken so long to get to the "news".

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    • Just listened to the Jack Schwagger podcast.  Typical BS: Stick to the rules and be disciplined! Except when it stops working - then change the rules! Know the market!  Limit your losses!  Analyse every trade - that will help prevent you losing!  But everyone loses throughout their career!  It's all about losing less frequently!  Blah blah blah ... In other words, 'To hell with this ... I'm going to get rich by writing a book instead'
    • I wonder what Britain's cannabis policy will be with a big Conservative majority and we've kicked out all the foreigners and sold the NHS to Donald J. Trump ... Do you think Priti 'Bring back hanging' Patel cares about those kids that need medical marijuana, let alone people who want to peacefully smoke in the privacy of their own home?  No chance
    • I like the fact that the analysts focus purely on money and profitability without getting too political.  That's what we want to see.  (After all, why are any of us here except to make money ...)