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Luv the new ProRealTime V 10.2 launcher

Guest jeff


This is a great improvement in launching the app on the OSX platform where in my case our draconian security folks prohibited allowing unknown users to launch. I also find it launchers more reliably on some systems where as in the past there may have been some delays in syncing with the server causing the launch to fail, could be assuming a bot there...but great tool thanks for the updates.


I have found some idiosyncrasies between the Dealing platform and using the charts to move stops around but could just be a user error and some of the settings I have

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Hi ,


It's great to hear such positive feedback for the new launcher, I'll be sure to pass that onto the ProRealTime team! Do let us know if you continue to find differences between the dealing platform and charts in regards to editing your stops. We'll gladly take a look into this for you.



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