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Where did the old posters go?

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I am one of the successful person but I do not do Publicity about my success. I make few  Hundred and few thousand from time to time .  Everybody has different ways of playing the market so u should not follow the crowd . Do what suits you best . I do not use Bollinger bands .  another Success theory is to be patient and Don't be Greedy.

Take your profit and run its your hard earned money. If u dont take profit then the brokers will take it .

good luck in Trading  

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1 hour ago, nit2wynit said:

I'm here but got bored on the Demo.  I've gone back to Testing Fails.

I still want to get my account back to £500 and start again but i keep getting distracted.  For reference on the Demo using strict In Out and turned £500 into £1250 in 4 days trading breakouts.

Hey @nit2wynit, glad you're back and looking forward to your posts.  :) 

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