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What shall be trading position now in Dow Jones 


Long or short

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Guest hi  there

I'm on short on DOW,DAX,FTSE100 and its been a long ride 

stay on or jump out 

what can any one say 

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On 27/12/2019 at 22:07, Guest hi there said:

I'm on short on DOW,DAX,FTSE100 and its been a long ride 

stay on or jump out 

what can any one say 

I am holding a DOW short position as well, have to admit that it was painful few weeks.

but I will stay, the key is to adjust my position to survive and also be able to reduce the cost base over time, and finally the most difficult is to hold it unit the time comes, and keep the profit running.

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@TrendFollower I agree with you in theory, but what i found is that TA indicators are always too late when they are clear... I understand the risk of shorting at this market, so try to manage it and let's see..

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@TrendFollower & @sunshinestate

I know you work off TA but just a head up that there is some market news our today (all GMT)

14:00 today GMT:

USD Housing Price Index (MoM) 

Prev: 0.6%

Est: 0.3%

USD S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices (YoY) 

Prev: 2.1%

Est: 2.2%

15:00 today GMT: USD Consumer Confidence


On Friday (as @Mercury pointed out) :)  :


14 hours ago, Mercury said:

OK but the big one for the longer term picture is the ISM manufacturing data on Friday...

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