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Question: Is anyone consistently profitable here ?

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23 minutes ago, dmedin said:

Uh ...  :(


That's horrible. Why?


Edit: having a read through the rest of the thread

I saw this and not sure what it is? (if its true?)

I dont pay tax in Germany but afraid it could spread all over Europe like the plague?

Maybe we could get some info from IG about this?

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5 minutes ago, Kodiak said:

I dont pay tax in Germany but afraid it could spread all over Europe like the plague?

It will ... anything that starts in Germany will be imposed on the rest of Europe

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Of course, now that Britain is out of the EU, there is nobody to really stand up to Germany and France so they have a totally free reign to do whatever they want.  That's progress :)


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On 05/01/2020 at 17:31, Adam71 said:

VERY VERY nice. The high disbalance on Avg hold time between losers and winners is interesting.

Ah, ah : You, Exodus and Backwardation are not posting so much but all of you saw my thread and took the time to answer... :). So consistent profitable traders (FX?) are somehow here and can bring reliable comments if necessary. That is what I wanted to check.

Thank you very much for sharing


You might just be a disciplined trader.  I have overtraded to an extreme degree, but comparison to your 70 odd trades.  (I've done a couple thousand by comparison, hence why IG tolerates me on here haha :P)

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