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I got a streamdeck for Christmas and now I'm very sad because it only works on PRT v11


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12 hours ago, backwardation said:

Will we ever get PRT 11?  Should I just return this potentially amazing gadget?

Both the 2013 ProRealTime upgrade and the 2016 one both took just under a year after being released by PRT to be rewritten and released on IG, that is in line with the recent update that the new IG version should be arriving beginning of Feb. A cautionary note though is that the IG version doesn't usually have all the features that the premium PRT has.

I was looking at your Streamdeck and it looks great, it's a re-programmable controller and has been out for a few years now, looks like it was originally aimed at the movie making crowd. I remember when the PRT 2016 upgrade came out it had a new function to use a controller to input data, in the top right corner on PRT (if I remember right) are different icons to select the input device, one was a keyboard and the new one was a game controller, are you sure that it won't work using the current PRT version?

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If it encourages more trading then I would have thought IG would be all over it.  If not, somebody in business development has missed out on a gold star on their year end assessment this year.

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On 04/01/2020 at 21:53, backwardation said:

Will we ever get PRT 11?  Should I just return this potentially amazing gadget?

PS> This is the streamdeck 


I am waiting to purchase a StreamDeck for the same purpose..  According to the video on the website you need ProRealTime Version 11.. 

Hopefully when it rolls out on IG they will leave the StreamDeck option in the program.


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    • dont use this platform their a scam. 
    • You may find this feed useful:  It explains how it's calculated and what could be more cost effective for your trading 
    • @TrendFollower, Sceptical might be the wrong word I used. Long term bearish or negative is better. Imagine if we were programmers and not traders/investors. Creating these tokens at the cost of electricity and passing them on at 100000/1000000% profit. Pure genius or scam depending how you look at it. We will be doing exactly what the central bankers are doing. Profitable businesses do not like competition. It's debatable if they can shut down and destroy these different cryptocurrencies when they want but I'm leaning on yes. So to me, it's like a time bomb buying/trading this today at $6700 and possibly $0 tomorrow when such order from the top is issued. I will watch and observe and patiently be shown otherwise.